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Welcome to Betlookr, the most reliable and transparent AI sports betting prediction platform in 2024. Betlookr currently makes predictions for 50 international football leagues. Gain the winning edge on your sports betting using the power of AI today!

How reliable are the Betlookr predictions?

They are highly reliable, but if you are an experienced sports bettor, you know that reliability is only part of a successful strategy. When using all strategies combined, Betlookr has an accuracy rate of 64.48%, with a max drawdown of under 10%, and an ROI of 337.75% over the last 18 months. That’s a lot better than Bitcoin, Gold, and the S&P 500 combined. And that’s just the combined strategies – some strategies are more successful than others, and we encourage you to select the strategies that you are most comfortable with.

AI & Machine Learning

Our state-of-the-art AI and machine learning models leverage cutting-edge technology to provide precise and unbiased match predictions.


Backed by a team of skilled mathematicians and rigorous statistical analysis, our predictions are unrivalled in accuracy and credibility.

Loads of Data

Our predictions are based on data-driven insights, making Betlookr the most reliable sports prediction tool on the market.

Test our AI betting strategies for yourself

Use our interactive betting strategy chart to discover your potential gains to-date or set your expectations on average week-on-week returns.

AI Betting Strategies

Try out our simulated betting strategies chart – it’s super simple. Set your starting balance and the market(s) you’d like to see the performance for. Now it’s time to choose your betting strategy. Opt for standard bet size if you’d like to set aside a fixed amount per week. Or choose our bankroll percentage strategy where your bet size increases as your bankroll does – think of it as compound betting.

Week-on-week performance

Use our week-on-week performance chart to set your expectations. Select a market or combination of markets below to see how our picks perform each week. We’re transparent about how our prediction model fares in terms of total picks, hit rate and ROI for each market individually and all markets combined.

Results To-Date tooltip
600 Bankroll
600 Profit
600% ROI
100 Total Picks
50% Hit Rate
25% Weekly Avg. ROI

Weekly Results

Week Market Country League Team 1 Team 2 Avg Odd Result

Comprehensive Coverage of Football Leagues


Football Leagues



We currently offer weekly tips on 50 football (soccer) leagues from 39 countries. We have plans to extend this to other sports.

  • Premier League
  • LaLiga
  • Serie A
  • Ligue 1
  • Bundesliga
  • Eredivisie
  • Liga Portugal
  • Premier League
  • LaLiga
  • Serie A
  • Ligue 1
  • Bundesliga
  • Eredivisie
  • Liga Portugal
  • Premier League
  • LaLiga
  • Serie A
  • Ligue 1
  • Bundesliga
  • Eredivisie
  • Liga Portugal
  • Premier League
  • LaLiga
  • Serie A
  • Ligue 1
  • Bundesliga
  • Eredivisie
  • Liga Portugal

Understanding AI Sports Betting

AI-powered sports betting offers several advantages over traditional analysis. Before computing power became sufficient to power an AI, sports betting relied on the gut feel of the sports betting expert, with only rudimentary historical analysis  of previous form. AI allows for a far greater scope of using historical data to reach an informed decision. The power of AI also allows experts to analyse a far wider range of leagues and markets than would be possible for any human to do alone.

What Data Does Betlookr Feed AI To Get Reliable Predictions?

Without giving too much of our ‘secret sauce’ away, we can tell you that we purchase sports data from a reputable data provider. This includes key metrics including possession stats, shots on goals, and many more. This information is then fed into the AI and it spits out probabilities for every single game in each league. The most likely  outcomes are then pushed to our recommended tips section. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sports betting with AI legal?

Yes it certainly is, although bookmakers might not always like your enhanced betting performance.

Can AI guarantee wins?

Unfortunately, no tool can guarantee wins. The sports betting market is too dynamic for that. However, it can increase the consistency of performance, and allows you to tap into more markets, more leagues and even sports than you could do without the aid of an AI assistant.

Do I need to be a tech expert to use AI sports betting software?

Certainly not. No tech expertise is required to implement these bets. However, we recommend getting used to your chosen bookmaker’s platform so that you can enter each bet with ease.

Can I trust AI predictions? 

Yes, but we recommend that you check out the historical performance of each strategy.

How do I find AI-powered betting tools?

Here at BetLookr, we provide the most comprehensive set of AI sports betting tools on the web today.

What kind of data does AI need for accurate sports betting predictions?

We use relevant historical data points from trusted sources to power our predictions.

Are there any downsides to using AI for betting?

AI cannot yet get in the heads of sports coaches, who may have external pressures (e.g. from team owners) about where they should focus their attention. So at Betlookr, we elist the assistance of human sports betting experts to screen all predictions made by the AI.

Can AI help with live betting?

Yes, it can, although live betting is not within the scope of Betloor right now, but we are considering adding it in future.But in principle, AI could handle live betting.

How can AI enhance sports betting?

AI can handle far more data than a human could possibly do, allowing the user to enter sports and leagues which would otherwise be off-limits to them. Greater number of events and markets allows for greater spreading of risk and increased profitability.

Is AI betting suitable for beginners?

Yes, although the greater the experience of the user, the faster and more efficiently they can place the actual bets recommended by the AI.

How does AI processing sports data work?

The AI starts off with a massive set of data and then identifies patterns in this data for profitable bets.

What kind of sports can you bet on using AI?

Theoretically, you could bet on any sport, although sports with a good number of data points would be ideal for AI processing. At Betlookr, we are starting with football but this is expected to grow.

Can I customise AI sports betting software to suit my betting preferences?

At the moment, we are looking to create systems to filter out leagues and markets that the user is not interested in.

Can I combine AI predictions with traditional betting techniques?

Yes you can, and we think that that’s actually a great idea, to filter out markets and leagues which the AI recommends but you are comfortable with. 

Is AI a foolproof way to win in sports betting?

No it is not, and due to the dynamic natures of sports betting, we can’t see AI ever becoming foolproof. Howver, it can definitely help your performance. 

Can AI help me understand different betting markets/lines?

Although education is not the primary scope of the Betlookr tool, you can use AI tools like ChatGPT to become informed about the intricacies of betting markets like Double Chance, or Asian Handicap. 

How can I get started with AI betting?

We may be biassed, but we suggest starting out with Betlookr. You can subscribe as a user and follow our free tips to start with, so you get more comfortable with the process.

Can I use AI sports betting platforms on my mobile device?

Yes, in fact many of our clients exclusively use Betlookr on their mobile device. The site is mobile responsive, as are the vast majority of online bookmaker websites.